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Media (Vieuws): Council disappoints on Telecoms Package after significant progress in Parliament, claims Marietje Schaake MEP


Marietje Schaake, in an appearance at Vieuws, critically analyses the progress on digital and technology developments in the European Union.

Marietje is disappointed in the Council of Ministers, which seems to use delay tactics as regards the EU Telecoms legislative package. While in April the European Parliament supported Marietje's proposal to enshrine netneutrality into European law, and decided roaming charges are to be abolished in December 2015, the Council two weeks ago could not reach common ground on the Telecoms package. In fact, the Ministers seek to water down net neutrality and delay roaming eliminations in the Telecoms Package, which counters the "significant progress" and "strong wording of the Parliament". Marietje then gathered support from 150 Members of the European Parliament to urge the Council to uphold netneutrality and roaming provisions that the European Parliament adopted. She states that "legal standards on netneutrality are crucial to ensure fair competition and better opportunities for SMEs". Marietje also mentions that the Digital Single Market, for which the European Commission will propose legislation next year, "is going to be much more complex than the Telecoms Market." While everybody talks about creating a Digital Single Market, words should turn into action. Today, Marietje and colleagues in the European Parliament will announce the establishment of an Intergroup on the Digital Agenda: an informal network of Members of the European Parliament, cross-party and cross-nationality. The Intergroup will seek to advance the development of smarter, more relevant EU policies that promote fundamental rights, prosperity, learning and participation.