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MEP: American commitments crucial in TTIP negotiations

Member of the European Parliament, Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66), wants the American side in the negotiations on a trade agreement between the European Union and the United States to show real ambition. Today, the twelfth negotiation round on more economic cooperation between the EU and the US starts in Brussels. Schaake: "After more than two years of negotiating, it is time that the Americans put serious proposals on the table. First, the negotiations were being delayed by the other negotiations that the Americans were conducting with Asian countries, now the US elections dominate the agenda. The US have said that they too want to reach a deal before the end of Obama's term. It is time they come with concrete proposals, also in sensitive areas, such as procurement." Agenda Amongst other things, investment protection will be discussed this round. The discussions on procurement have been postponed. "The negotiations will be important since it is the first time that the US will officially negotiate with the EU on reforming investment protection. There is a broad consensus in the EU that the current system is out of date and controversial. I hope the American side is also ready to discuss real reform and modernisation." In the areas of rules in the services sector, energy and market access results are also needed. Worldwide standard A broad and ambitious deal is important for both sides of the negotiations, because it will let us set a new worldwide standard, before new economies do so. Schaake: "An agreement between Europe and the US must reinforce and expand the global system based on rules and principles. This system is increasingly under pressure. We need to make sure that we decide what the standard should be when it comes to things like the environment, health and consumer protection. With the US we can reach a higher level than if we leave it to China, Russia or the Gulf States." See also: 06-11 Blog: Values-based trade 28-10 MEP: Transparency negotiations on trade agreements must be a priority 14-10 MEP: New European trade strategy should be implemented quickly 05-10 Reaction MEP Schaake to conclusion TPP 16-09 MEP: Commission must increase pressure on American negotiators 12-08 Blog: The real reward in TTIP