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MEP calls for emergency procedures for EU foreign policy during recess

Member of the European Parliament, Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66), has called for a more effective emergency procedure for the European Union and especially the EU foreign policy chief. She spoke today in the European Parliament which met after its summer break. "The EU must be able to take action more swiftly when faced with urgent problems such as IS in Iraq and Syria, Gaza, Libya or Russia. While the world around us erupted, EU foreign policy chief Ashton was nearly invisible. In the past, she has suggested postponing the negotiations about the Iranian nuclear programme because of the summer holidays. That clearly does not work." Stronger Europe Schaake says it is crucial that the EU becomes stronger and more effective, including in the area of military cooperation. "We need a strong Europe on the world stage. If anyone still doubted that, they have been given a wakeup call over the last months. The EU is unable to act quickly during the summer recess because it lacks clear procedures. That is something we must change, because the status quo is unacceptable." Schaake also wants the political groups of the European Parliament to appoint representatives who are available for emergency meetings outside of parliamentary session weeks. Foreign policy chief At the Council of Ministers coming weekend, the European member states will come together to discuss the successor of Ashton as High Representative. "An ambitious candidate must be put forward, so that the EU can move ahead to act more decisively in the world. That is of great importance for our topics ranging from trade to diplomacy, but also for human rights. A divided Europe is a weak Europe", says Schaake.