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MEP: Candidate High Representative should resign as Italian Minister

Member of the European Parliament, Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) calls on Frederica Mogherini to resign as Minister of Foreign affairs of Italy, now that she has been nominated as High Representative of the foreign- and security policy of the European Union. Today she presents the plans of the Italian Presidency in the European Parliament, as a Minister. Since last Saturday Mogherini is candidate High Representative. Schaake: "Mogherini now has two roles and should resign her duties as a Minister. Moreover, Italy currently has the presidency of the Council, strengthening the risk of conflicts of interests." The new High Representative will start on November first, although the nomination must be formally approved by the European Parliament. Schaake: "It is almost certain that Mogherini will get a majority. The largest parties in the European Parliament are the same as those which are the most heavily represented in the Council. I am disappointed that again the choice was made for an inexperienced candidate, in the light of all the challenges we witnessed in recent months. We need a stronger Europe, with a strong and internationally respected leadership of the High Representative. I will be asking critical questions during the hearing."