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MEP: Commission must show more ambition after results ISDS consultation

Member of the European Parliament, Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66), says the results of the public consultation of ISDS in TTIP call for a roadmap from the European Commission. Today the results of more than 150,000 reactions were published. Schaake: "It is good that so many people have taken the time to respond. We need a roadmap for ISDS because it is not only an issue within TTIP, European member states already have more than 1300 bilateral agreements which contain ISDS. Even without ISDS in TTIP, these outdated types of ISDS will remain. It is clear that the concerns about this old-fashioned form of ISDS are shared by both citizens and companies." A large majority of the replies, 97%, came in via templates and many contain the same type of arguments. At the same time there are organisations that represent hundreds of thousands of people or companies that have only submitted one response. Schaake: "Many of the core concerns are clear from the reactions, such as a lack of transparency and the independence of arbitrators. The Commission has already made some suggestions for improving the current type of ISDS. These do not yet go far enough, for example, they do not contain a possibility to appeal decisions and clear definitions are crucial. It is important that there is also a serious discussion on possible alternatives for ISDS." The results of the consultation can be found here: