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MEP: cross-border access to online music and films essential for a European digital single market

The European Commission today presented a regulation for portability of content such as music and films in Europe. It also presented a communication on copyright. Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE) responds: Borderless internet "With these proposals the Commission is taking an urgently needed step towards a digital single market. It is rather outdated that you cannot enjoy the music or films you buy, directly or through paying taxes, when crossing an EU border. Especially now that more and more content is being streamed on a borderless internet, geo-blocking and differentiating between media are no longer feasible. If I want to watch a program of the Dutch public broadcaster in Belgium, it is restricted by geo-blocking online while it is accessible on Belgian TV. Unfortunately the portability proposals do not end geo-blocking and only allow EU-wide access to content available in the country of residence or where the user has an internet subscription," Schaake says. Free flow of knowledge "There are still a lot of steps needed to achieve a functioning online single market. We do not need an evolution but a revolution. While the internal market aims for the free flow of people, labour, capital and services, the free flow of knowledge lags behind. It should be much easier for creators to reach an audience across Europe. A single market online is also vital to Europe's position in the global economy. We have a wealth of cultural content that would benefit from greater harmonisation of copyright so more people can access it. The Commission's plan to harmonise copyright proposes important exceptions in the public interest. Copyright and its enforcement must not restrict education, access to cultural heritage, and access for people with disabilities. Also, it should remain possible everywhere to use and share images and video of buildings and other works in the public domain. The question is now how this communication will play out in practice, regarding the needed exceptions in the public interest."
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