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MEP (D66/ALDE) regrets failure to impose sanctions on Iran and Russia after Syria violence

Press release

European Ministers of Foreign Affairs just added four individuals to European sanctions list in response to the continued violence in Syria. Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE) regrets that no targeted sanctions were imposed against Russia and Iran. Schaake initiated a call supported by the European Parliament to impose such sanctions last week.  

Schaake: "Russia and Iran are keeping Assad and his regime afloat. Their military and political support directly contributes to the bombing of hospitals, children and aid convoys. This makes it impossible to understand why Europe, even after the humanitarian disaster happening in Ghouta, still hesitates imposing sanctions against Assad's allies."  

Nuclear deal

Schaake emphasises that sanctions against Russia and Iran are essential, but should remain independent from any pressure coming from Trump. The American President recently threatened to cancel the nuclear deal with Iran if Europe does not propose changes before May 12th.  

Schaake: "Sanctions against Russia and Iran should have one goal: to stop the violence in Syria. By connecting such sanctions to Trump's threats, we risk undermining both the sanctions themselves and Europe's credibility. The only one to profit from that would be the regime in Tehran."  

"The nuclear deal with Iran is a rare diplomatic success. Instead of reopening the deal as Trump proposes, Europe should keep its word. But we should never be blind to Iran's destructive behaviour in Syria and the wider Middle East, or to the systematic violations of human rights in Iran" Schaake added.”