MEP: Erasmus+ shows added value of EU


Member of the European Parliament, Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66), welcomes the fact that the European Parliament has embraced the positive evaluation of the Erasmus+ programme. With Erasmus+, all existing European education programmes were merged and streamlined in 2014 Schaake: "Studying abroad has great value for students and it improves their chances in an increasingly international labour market. Erasmus+ is an investment in the next generation and the future."

Opportunities for all

Today, the Parliament adopted the first progress report of Erasmus+. It shows that merging of the different programmes and increasing the budget has been a success. The European Commission, member states and education need to work together to improve the visibility of Erasmus+. Schaake: " Erasmus+ is not just for university exchanges, but is meant for exchanges at all other layers of the educational system as well. By removing hurdles and making sure students and schools and universities have the right information, even more students will be able to gain valuable experience abroad, providing opportunities for all."

Investing in the best education

Although member states threatened to discontinue Erasmus, Schaake's efforts led to a 40% increase in the budget for international exchanges in 2014. Schaake: "We are not there yet. The Erasmus budget is miniscule compared to the huge sums we still spend on outdated agricultural subsidies. Especially now, we must invest in the best education to combat youth unemployment."