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MEP: "EU leaders must demand Turkish guarantees about human rights!"

ALDE MEP Marietje Schaake wants Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans and the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to demand guarantees from Turkey concerning the safeguarding of the rule of law, human rights and freedom of the press. Today was the last of her three-day visit to Ankara and Istanbul with the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights. "The most pro-European citizens in Turkey are losing their confidence in the EU. They feel betrayed because European leaders do not criticise the deteriorating rule of law and human rights situation. This becomes even clearer now that the EU and Turkey made a deal about refugees. In addition there are concerns about the way these refugees are being treated after the deal. There is a huge difference between agreements and laws in theory and in practice. Timmermans and Rutte have to demand more guarantees from the Turkish authorities." "President Erdogan silences critical voices in a systematic way while working on a presidential system that gives him even more power. People are afraid to speak out because journalists, academics and citizens are prosecuted on unclear grounds or on the basis of anti-terror laws. NGOs and human rights defenders fear suspects do not get a fair trial." "We leave Turkey at a critical moment. On Friday, the parliament will vote about the lifting of immunity for 130 members of Parliament. This will have direct consequences for 50 of the 59 members of the pro-Kurdish HDP party. Next to that, the AK Party will elect a new leader, who also becomes the new Prime Minister of Turkey. The coming week will set the tone for Turkish politics the coming years and will have great impact on the relationship with the EU." See also: 13-04-2016 Plenary speech on the Report on Turkey 13-04-2016 MEP: Reject cynical deal making with Turkey and focus on rule of law and rights 15-03-2016 No horse trading with Turkey on human rights 07-03-2016 MEP: European Parliament must address rule of law and rights violations in Turkey

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