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MEP: EU needs smart policies to strengthen human rights while technologies proliferate

Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) welcomes the adoption of the report "Human rights and technology: the impact of intrusion and surveillance systems on human rights in third countries" she initiated, in the Foreign Affairs Committee today. Schaake: "New technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to strengthen human rights such as freedom of expression, access to information and transparency. At the same time intrusive and surveillance systems are becoming faster, smaller and cheaper every day and have a growing negative impact on human rights as well. The EU must assess the impact on human rights, when it comes to the use and trade of harmful technologies, and where needed develop regulations urgently." Schaake has asked for input from people from all over the world through crowdsourcing. Security researchers, human rights activists and journalists contributed useful expertise. Schaake: "We need knowledge from different stakeholders to ensure we develop smart policies. While we need to stop the export of surveillance and intrusion systems to countries with repressive regimes, legitimate research should not be hindered. I am convinced that the EU can and should play the lead role in ensuring technologies which help advance human rights, and are not used to abuse them."
Please find here the REPORT on Human rights and technology, the impact of intrusion and surveillance systems on human rights in third countries (20142232(INI)). The report will now move to plenary for a final vote. Marietje Schaake's amendments to the report. See also: 25-03-2015 Media (Motherboard/Vice) – Ethiopia Might Have Bought A Ton Of Surveillance Tech 26-01-2015 Human rights and surveillance: Can the EU ensure the democratic usage of its technologies? 21-01-2015 Video: Hearing on human rights and technologies 26-11-2014 Export controls on dangerous technologies need smart implementation