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MEP: EU needs to condemn Turkish Twitter block

Member of the European Parliament, Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) wants the EU to condemn Turkey for blocking Twitter, which it did yesterday. She wants EU foreign policy chief Ashton to make clear that Turkey is going too far and should repeal the order. Schaake: “After he pushed through a very controversial internet law, Prime Minister Erdogan is now restricting freedom of expression even further. These kinds of measures run contrary to the Copenhagen criteria and the EU needs to urge that this measure is reversed right now.” Crisis The crisis in Turkey keeps on growing. In a power struggle between prime minister Erdogan's AK party and the Gulen movement, the rule of law is being seriously damaged. A number of high level AK party officials are suspected of corruption, but the prime minister suspects the controversial Islamic Gulen movement of manipulating the judiciary. “This power struggle between erstwhile allies has brought to light a crisis of the rule of law. The confidence of the population in the Turkish democracy is decreasing rapidly. In the end, that can only lead to further destabilisation of the Turkish state as a whole. This negative spiral must stop!”, says Schaake. International help Earlier, Schaake called for an independent international investigation into the Turkish rule of law. Schaake: “The opposing sides are now so entrenched that they can probably not reach a solution by themselves, they need international help.” Schaake also want the EU to set up a mission to monitor the upcoming municipal elections. “An observation mission can demonstrate that the safeguarding of Turkish democracy and the rule of law is the most important for the EU”, says the MEP.