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MEP: European Parliament must address rule of law and rights violations in Turkey

D66/ALDE Member of European Parliament Marietje Schaake calls for a debate with the European Commission about the appalling human rights violations in Turkey. Last Friday Turkey's largest newspaper was taken over by the state. And in South-Eastern Turkey civilians are trapped in war violence between the terrorist group PKK and the Turkish army. "Since Commissioner Timmermans shook hands with President Erdogan to close the deal on asylum and migration, he has been silent about the situation in the country despite major problems. Meanwhile President Erdogan states he will neither obey nor respect the Constitutional Court, which called for the release of two imprisoned journalists. Enough is enough." "It is unacceptable that European leaders look to Turkey to outsource their own problems in dealing with refugees from Syria. Turkey won't solve Europe's problems, such expectations are unrealistic. Yet, the price of credibility and principles has been paid. Principles such as respect for the rule of law and human rights are non negotiable. The European Parliament must explicitly speak out against these violations, and should ask for a statement of the European Commission. If the domestic situation in Turkey continues down this path, it will destabilize, and Timmermans' deal with fly back like a boomerang in Europe's face."

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