MEP: Make trade in ICT products easier

Today, the European Parliament will vote on the expansion of the Information Technology Agreement, which was concluded at the end of last year between 25 countries of the WTO, including the EU. Under this agreement, tariffs on 201 ICT products, such as GPS, game devices, touch screens and speakers will be eliminated to strengthen the trade in them. Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake responds: "It is good that we make the trade in ICT products easier because they are becoming ever more important in our increasingly digitised economies. The trade in these products is already substantial but can grow because of this agreement and that is good for jobs on growth. On top of that, lowering tariffs can also lead to lower consumer prices. We can also ensure that these products become more readily available in countries where digitisation is not as far developed as in Europe or the United States, which is good for development in those countries." "Digitisation and the internet have fundamentally changed the way trade is done. Many people automatically think of the transfer of data and the digital services of companies like Google and Facebook, but there is also a physical element. The transfer of data can only take place of people actually have access to the ICT products to access the internet and to make use of services that are provided digitally. This agreement will contribute to that."