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MEP: Member States must commit to delivering EU Digital Single Market

Dutch Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE) wants the governments of EU Member States to increase their commitment and ambition to the Digital Single Market. Today Vice-President of the Commission Ansip will announce a new strategy for the Digital Single Market (Version leaked May 5. Source: The proposals provide a roadmap for removing barriers in access to online goods and services by creating a new copyright framework, and setting common standards. No delay or watering down Schaake: "I fully support an ambitious Digital Single Market, but fear that Member states will water down current proposals, or will be unwilling to make the real changes that we need so desperately in Europe. Growth and innovation are now stifled in a fragmented market. If these plans are delayed or watered down, Europe fails its citizens, its start-ups and weakens its competitive position in the world. Sadly, the way Council is dealing with the Telecoms Single Market does not bode well for the political process we can expect around the Digital Single Market proposals. Politicians now speaking of the DSM in their speeches must work to deliver results." Public Interest Schaake will work with the Commission to see a stronger emphasis on the public value of the open internet, as well as of principles such as strong net neutrality, freedom of expression online and access to information. "While the emphasis on jobs and the digital market is welcome, the value of a single digital space in Europe goes beyond economic interests. Trust and resilience of the digital systems and online services people use every day can only become more robust when it is clear how values will be safeguarded as new technologies keep developing."
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