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MEP: New European trade strategy should be implemented quickly

Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) welcomes the new trade strategy from the European Commission and hopes they will move quickly to implement it. Today Commissioner Malmström presented the new strategy, which is to be the basis for the rest of her mandate. Schaake: "The European economy is heavily dependent on exports and rules-based trade. It is crucial that the EU has an ambitious trade policy to open the doors to new markets for European businesses. At the same time, trade policy must form an integral part of the European foreign policy so that we use our economic position to strengthen our values abroad, such as respect for human rights and the environment and high consumer protection. The Commissioner has indicated that these are her priorities, I hope she moves quickly to put them into action." Transparency Over the past years, the public debate about trade policy has grown, in part as a result of the negotiations between the EU and the United States about more economic cooperation. The Commission indicates in the new strategy that it wants to increase the transparency of trade negotiations. Schaake: "Under pressure from the European Parliament, the Commission has taken big steps to increase transparency in the context of the TTIP negotiations, although more could be done. Many European texts have been put online and meetings have been opened to the public. We want these kind of initiatives to be implemented also in other negotiations, such as those ongoing with the Japanese. It is crucial that all stakeholders are actively involved in the negotiations on trade agreements, to make sure we reach the best possible result. The European Member States must also play a more active role in this." New Markets In the coming ten years, more than ninety per cent of world growth will happen outside the EU. That means European businesses will be more dependent on foreign markets to be able to sell their goods and services. Schaake: "The European Commission needs to use trade agreements to make sure that European businesses can easily operate abroad. Especially small companies need help, because they often do not have the resources to make that step. That is why it is essential that ongoing negotiations are completed and new markets are opened where possible. I am happy to see that the Commission will take the initiative to start negotiations with Australia and New Zealand."
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