MEP: No time to lose for EU Digital Single Market

Today the European Parliament will vote on a resolution calling on the European Commission and the Member States to make strong progress with building an EU digital single market. MEP Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66): “Barriers to innovation and entrepreneurship have to be broken down, in order to create a European digital world. This is beneficial for internet users who are currently burdened with different rules in different countries. It is for instance not possible to watch sports matches livestreamed in one’s own country in another Member State. Citizens are also unnecessarily charged for roaming or have to pay avoidable extra costs for sending a package abroad. Both consumer protection and VAT percentages should be made equal in all Member States." Modern economy The wish list for the European Commission is of considerable length. The Commission has announced 16 areas in which it would like to put forward proposals. With this resolution, the European Parliament has shown what the priorities are, and which details matter. Schaake: “This enormous list shows us how much still has to be done in order to create a true digital single market. We have no time to lose for shaping our modern economy, but at the same time we need to face the challenges that come with it. The technological revolution presents us with great opportunities to strengthen the European knowledge economy, but will also have consequences for our current way of working." Open The Parliament wants to keep an open Internet, and supports not only net neutrality but also the use of open data. “Publicly financed research should also be publicly available, as it is in the general interest. Open data and open research present us with great opportunities to improve both scientific research and public administration." See also: Ten take-aways from the European Parliament´s Digital Single Market resolution Before the debate, Schaake held a plenary speech on the Digital Single Market.
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