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MEP: Reappointment Ayatollah Larijani is a disaster for human rights Iran

Member of European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/ D66) responds to the reappointment of Ayatollah Larijani as head of Iran's judiciary. "The reappointment of Ayatollah Larijani as head of the judiciary in Iran does not bode well for the much needed reforms towards respect for human rights. Sadly, whether it is the arrest of foreign and Iranian journalists and bloggers, the countless executions or the repression of political opposition figures, Iran's judiciary is responsible for the fact that Iran still ranks as one of the lead human rights violators in the world." EU priority "The EU must make crystal clear that human rights remain at the top of the agenda of EU-Iran relations. A lot can be improved, if not only a comprehensive nuclear deal is achieved, but when the wellbeing of the Iranian people also improves." High Representative Ashton has chaired the negotiations on a nuclear deal on behalf of the P5+1. "It is important that the High Representative is not hampered by playing this role and is simultaneously addressing other EU priorities with the Iranian authorities. Human rights remain essential for people in Iran, as well as for the millions of Iranian diaspora that live in Europe and that often face threats when they travel back home." EU-Iran relations With a new European Parliament in office, and a new High Representative to be appointed later in the year, there will be many new actors at the table. "While the EU faces plenty of challenges, from fighting Jihadism in the Middle-East to dealing with unrest in its Eastern Neighbourhood, I remain committed to addressing both the challenges and the opportunities in EU-Iran relations."