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MEP: Reject cynical deal making with Turkey and focus on rule of law and rights

Today the European Parliament debates its annual report on Turkey’s progress towards becoming an EU Member. Member of European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) responds: "This report is the most critical on the backsliding of human rights ever adopted by European Parliament. For political reasons the European Commission delayed its critical report on Turkey and prioritized a deal about the sheltering of refugees. Meanwhile Turkish papers have illegally been taken over, and journalists have been jailed. The EU should not be trading away values for an uncertain outcome. While we must work with Turkey to ensure refugees are properly sheltered, we must do so on its own merits, and not mix it with accession." Human rights Schaake has consistently called for prioritizing human rights and the rule of law in Turkey. "Respect for the rule of law and democracy are backsliding even further. People all over Europe and Turkey are disappointed in how the cynical deal making about refugees has overshadowed this. I am glad the Parliament rejects this questionable gamble and also calls upon the Commission and Council to reassess its strategy in the negotiations with Turkey. Every day provides us with a new example on how President Erdogan is moving further away from respect for the rule of law and universal human rights. The Commission’s diplomatic restraint vis-à-vis Ankara's questionable policies only seem to embolden this tendency, as demonstrated by the request to prosecute a German comedian for performing a satirical poem. How did we end up in a situation in which Turkey is exporting authoritarian tendencies to the EU instead of the EU enabling freedom of speech in Turkey?" Read more: 15-03-2016 No horse trading with Turkey on human rights 07-03-2016 MEP: European Parliament must address rule of law and rights violations in Turkey

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