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MEP Schaake (ALDE/D66) on EU-US FTA: “Get the deal done”.

Dutch Member of European Parliament Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE) calls on the European Commission to swiftly present a negotiating mandate as the basis for a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the United States. President Obama voiced his support for the negotiations during last night’s State of the Union address. Schaake: “Practically everybody had already taken in his positions; from farmers, to engineers or investors. The waiting was really for Obama to give the green light. The current Irish Presidency of the European Union should immediately get to work; the European Parliament is also ready to get involved”. Schaake is the spokesperson for the Liberal Group in the European Parliament on trans-Atlantic trade relations. Potential President Obama’s backing of the recommendations of the special ‘EU-US High Level Working Group’ is good news but not really a surprise, earlier this month in Munich Vice-President Biden voiced his optimism on starting negotiations. Schaake: “the economic potential of this deal is simply to big to waste. Just by eliminating current tariffs the combined EU-US GDP could add 135 billion euro in five years. That also means thousands of news jobs. Of course we should be more ambitious and focus on regulatory convergence for automotives, chemicals and pharmaceutics, allowing for more trade”. Schaake also points at the strategic importance of a more integrated transatlantic market, vis-à-vis China: “together the EU and the US could set the new golden rules for world trade”. Services From the European Parliament Schaake will push for a modern agreement that will also open up important services sectors: “European airliners cannot takeover American carriers or operate domestic flights, ship-owners are similarly restricted in coastal shipping and the public procurement market is only partly opened for European construction companies. There’s a huge potential for European businesses.” The liberal politician will also highlight the tech-sector and online services; “new growth and jobs requires looking ahead, we shouldn’t avoid difficult talks on IPR and copyright. The protection of European citizen’ digital freedoms is my main priority”. Negotiations How the negotiations eventually will take shape should become clear from the final recommendations by the High Level Working Group, but both European and US leaders want to avoid lengthy talks without any result. Schaake: “We could try to negotiate a big package deal, but it’s also worth exploring a step-by-step approach, opening new chapters after concluding others and based on progress made. Some call it a living agreement. This approach keeps the process manageable, transparent and helps structuring the dialogue with businesses. Any agreement requires broad support”. ----------- For more information: Marietje Schaake 06-30377921 or her spokesperson Anna Sophia Posthumus +32-484201518 / @MarietjeD66