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MEP Schaake (D66/ALDE) response to Juncker/Trump 'deal'

Press release

President of the European Commission Juncker and US President Trump just announced a ‘deal’ to improve EU-US trade relations. The United States will refrain from imposing tariffs on European cars and car-parts. In exchange, the European Union will import more American LNG and soybeans. The controversial steel and aluminium tariffs remain in place however. A worrying development according to Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE). 

Schaake: "Expectations for today's meeting were low but tense. Juncker came to the White House with a clear goal: to deescalate current trade tensions. He said he the EU would not negotiate under pressure, yet did make far reaching concessions. While Trump promises not to hit European cars with tariffs, the illegitimate measures against steel and aluminium from Europe have not been lifted. This sets a dangerous precedent: that pressure works." 

"The lowering of tariffs and the elimination of trade barriers should be part of a broad trade agreement. We may work on such a deal with the American government, but only if the current tariffs are lifted. And when the mandates are correctly in place. Cooperation on WTO reform and the fight against intellectual property theft by China are parts of our common agenda. It is at least positive that Trump now recognises the EU as an important partner in this."