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MEP Schaake: no time to waste for additional sanctions Venezuela

Press release

The European Ministers of Foreign Affairs just adopted conclusions on the situation in Venezuela. President Maduro was re-elected large week amidst boycotts and irregularities. The United States does not recognise the election results and has imposed additional sanctions. While the EU does call for fresh elections, it will only consider imposing measures next month. A missed opportunity according to Member of the European Parliament (D66/ALDE) Marietje Schaake.  

Schaake: "Under Maduro, democracy and rule of law have become empty shells in Venezuela. Voters were blackmailed into voting for the President in return for much needed food supplies. The opposition is suppressed and even arrested, while participating in demonstrations has become life-threatening. Europe should respond by imposing sanctions."  

Oil embargo

Schaake believes the EU should have extended the targeted sanctions against high ranking officials in Maduro's government. An oil embargo should also be considered.


Schaake: "Why wait with these additional measures? The message we want to send is against political developments that are happening now. We shouldn't wait another second. Europa does not accept Maduro's authoritarian and destructive behaviour."