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MEP Schaake on EU trade agreement with Canada (CETA)

Today, the International Trade committee of the European Parliament spoke with the Canadian Trade Minister, Chrystia Freeland. Canada and the EU have recently finished the negotiations on a trade agreement, which still needs to be ratified. Member of the European Parliament, Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) responds: Canada is the EU's strongest ally, especially after the last elections which saw the liberal government of Justin Trudeau take office. The agreement with Canada will strengthen our cooperation in a rapidly changing world and allow us to reinforce the rules based trading system." Schaake wants the ratification procedure to start as soon as possible: "The agreement text is now on the table and we need to make sure that Canadians and Europeans feel the positive effects as soon as possible. For that to happen, steps need to be taken on both sides of the Atlantic to ratify the agreement and let it enter into force. The agreement will make it easier to trade with Canada, a country with a GDP larger than Russia and a highly educated, developed and relatively rich population. This makes it an ideal market for European goods and services and a reliable trading partner." See also on CETA: 29-02: 'MEP: New agreement on cooperation Canada good news'