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MEP Schaake reacts to vote report ongoing negotiations on a trade and investment partnership between Europe and the United States

Today, the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament (INTA) adopted a report on the ongoing negotiations on a trade and investment partnership between Europe and the United States (TTIP). Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) reacts: "With this report the Parliament takes an important step, it should be seen as an extensive stocktaking to strengthen the negotiating position of the European Commission. Increasing market access in the US, especially for small and medium size enterprises, is essential for ALDE. The Parliament states that requirement clearly now. It is high time that the US comes up with proposals how the unfair and protectionist situation hindering European businesses in the US can be fixed." Schaake is pleased that the report also states what the European Parliament excludes from trade agreements. "The high European standards for products that protect consumers or the environment cannot be affected by a trade agreement. Similarly, public services such as education and drinking water, certainly do not belong in this agreement. We need the EU and the US to work together to set higher standards worldwide when it comes to food safety, the environment, health or labour. That is essential in a rapidly changing world with emerging economies that do not share our values and rules-based approach." On the 10th of June the European Parliament will vote on the report during the plenary session. Please download the report here.
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