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MEP Schaake: trade threats require common EU position

Press release

The European Ministers of Foreign Affairs are discussing the state of EU-US trade relations today. The EU's temporary exemption to the steel- and aluminium tariffs imposed by the United States will expire on June 1st. Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE) emphasises the need for European unity in response to Trump's trade threats. 

Schaake: "Countries such as Germany are worried about the consequences for their own economies. Yet the economic and strategic costs of concluding a premature deal with Trump are many times higher. Europe should only have one message for the White House: we do not negotiate with a gun to our heads. If the EU Member States are divided, Trump will not hesitate to play them against each other." 

China deal is empty shell
The United States and China reached a preliminary deal on trade this weekend. However, mixed messages have emerged since. China has agreed to buy more American products to narrow its trade deficit. An empty shell according to Schaake. 

Schaake: "This agreement may be a small victory for Trump, but China's unfair practices are left untouched. Instead of opting for short term deals, the United States and Europe should be working together to strengthening the multilateral trading system."