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MEP Schaake: Transparent algorithms needed instead of privatised law enforcement

Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE) welcomes some of the long-awaited legislative proposals to finally create a complete Digital Single Market. However, Schaake is disappointed in two aspects of the Commission's inquiry into online platforms. "Instead of voluntary commitments to remove content, we need commitments to verify the algorithms behind these platforms." Algorithmic verifiability Schaake: "I am pleased that the Commission has decided to take a problem-based approach to the regulation of platforms. There is no need for extra red tape for innovative business-models. However, one common problem underlies most of these platforms: the lack of algorithmic verifiability. This should be an essential element of oversight in the digital economy. An algorithmic verifiability requirement would ensure companies disclose information allowing the effect of their algorithms to be independently assessed. Without an understanding of the impact of algorithms, competition and antitrust investigations, as well as actions to address liability, discrimination and profiling can become virtually impossible." Platforms as policemen Schaake: "The Commission is trying to reconcile water with fire in this Communication. I applaud that they want to keep the current intermediary liability regime in the e-commerce directive, but I am concerned about the impact on our freedom of speech of proposals that force platforms to act as policemen on their platforms. There can be no room for privatised law enforcement in the EU." Schaake is a member of the Global Commission on Internet Governance which will also address this issue in its forthcoming report. On the 16th of June Schaake is organising a seminar in the European Parliament with the European Commission, Google and other relevant actors to discuss this issue further.