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MEP Schaake welcomes condemnation of Saudi Arabia

Press release

The European Parliament just condemned Saud Arabia for the human rights violations in the country. MEP Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE) welcomes the clear condemnation by European Parliament: “We condemn the arrest of women’s rights activists and call for their release. Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman has launched a charm offensive in the West, announcing reforms and modernisation. All fine words but actions count.”  

Call for targeted measures
European Parliament calls for targeted measures against individuals responsible for grave human rights violations. Schaake: “The signal is crystal clear. Europe must put human rights at the top of the agenda and attach consequences to Saudi Arabia’s policies. It is highly regrettable that the Christian Democrats, the largest political group in the Parliament, has again tried to water down a resolution.”  

Please find below the video of Marietje Schaake's speech in plenary. The resolution is here.