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MEP: Support for report European Parliament important for TTIP negotiations

Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) considers the support from the European Parliament for the report on TTIP an important step in the negotiating process between the European Union and the United States on more economic cooperation. Schaake: "With this text, the Parliament expresses its wishes and conditions for a successful TTIP. We have listened to the concerns and interests for citizens, civil society and business, especially SMEs, and formulated a document along those lines. This is an interim report, as the negotiations are likely to go on for years. At the end of the process, the Parliament will be able to say yes or no to an agreement, so we will keep the negotiators to their promises." American proposals Last month, the US Congress gave President Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), or a mandate to sign trade agreements. Schaake: "Now that the White House finally has a clear mandate to negotiate, it is time that the Americans come forward with serious proposals on what they have to offer." In the US, European companies can often not access the market, such as in shipping and air services and in public procurement. "We need to use these negotiations to create better and fairer market access to the US for European companies, especially for smaller companies for which it is already more difficult to make the step across the Atlantic." Geopolitical importance The importance of a deal between the US and the EU is not only economic, but also geopolitical. Schaake: "The world around us is changing fast and countries like China or the Gulf States are creating growth against any price, without respect for people and planet. By working together with the US, we can set higher standards worldwide in the area of the environment, health and consumer protection. That does not mean we need to agree with the US on everything or create a trans-Atlantic internal market. We should work together where possible, but where the differences are too great, we will not do so." Please find the full text here.