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MEP: The European Digital Single Market is a pipe dream without a strong Telecom Market

Dutch Member of the European Parliament, Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) responds to the Commission's plans to develop a Digital Single Market. "For years now, I have been saying that we need to speed up the finalisation of the internal market, especially in the digital economy. Europe needs to be ambitious and progressive in this context. The first proposals of the Commission look good, but I fear the worst for the future of the Digital Single Market if there is no single Telecom Market. The disappointing proposals on net neutrality and roaming of the Council are a sad reminder that there are still many barriers and obstacles to overcome to achieve a single Telecom Market. Without such a single market, the European Digital Single Market will remain a pipe dream." Economy of the future Schaake supports the Commission's plans to develop more efficient rules for parcel deliveries, simplifying VAT arrangements, online payments or copyright reform. "The Commission and the Parliament are building the economy of the future, and protect the open internet. The ball is now clearly in the Member States' court. Until now they have stopped any progress in the right direction." No mixed messages While the plans of Vice President Ansip are a step in the good direction, a number of measures need to be more concrete. Schaake: "Take geo-blocking, for instance. As a Dutch taxpayer I cannot watch the Dutch news of our public broadcaster in Belgium, because of geo-blocking. The commission now doesn't rule out exceptions to geo-blocking. We also need to be careful that the large amount of responsible Commissioners doesn’t delay the implementation of the overall strategy. We cannot afford the creation of a new layer of bureaucracy."