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MEP: time to put Hezbollah on EU terror list


Dutch Member of European Parliament Marietje Schaake (D66/ALDE) calls on EU leaders to formally add the Shia terrorist organization Hezbollah to the EU list of terrorist organisations. In a written question the Dutch politician urges both High Representative Catherine Ashton and the Council to take this decision and asks them to clarify why the EU has been unable to take action thus far.

Schaake: "The EU continues to pass on the hot potato. Internal divisions between EU member states give Hezbollah the freedom to continue its unmistakeably terrorist and destabilizing activities. By placing Hezbollah on the EU list of terrorist organizations all doubts about the legitimacy of the group will be removed and its financial means coming out of the EU will dry up."

"While no one questions the responsibility of Hezbollah for the attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, on EU territory, we continue to be lenient towards this terrorist organization which makes money within the EU through drug trafficking and other crimes. This money finances the organisation's activities in countries like Syria and Bahrain. The EU should take a clear and credible position and cut every link in the chain of terrorist activities of Hezbollah" Schaake states.

The European Ministers of Foreign Affairs will meet in Brussels today, where Hezbollah is one of the items on the agenda.

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