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MEP: We need concrete proposals from the US in EU-US negotiations

Yesterday the United States Congress took the last step to give President Obama the mandate to conclude trade negotiations, by adopting the so-called Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). The US are negotiating with a group of 12 countries about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and at the same time with the EU about an agreement that would further strengthen economic cooperation. Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) responds: "The Americans will now finally be able to start serious negotiations. The Presidential elections are just around the corner and it is crucial that the American negotiators have a clear mandate. Now they need to come forward with concrete proposals, especially on issues which are sensitive on their side. We need more and fair market access for European companies, especially for small and medium sized enterprises. That needs to be the focus of the upcoming negotiating round in July." "This law gives a framework for the trade negotiations of the White House for a specific period of time. The negotiations on the TPP, which include countries like Vietnam and Malaysia, have raised specific concerns in the US. Still the White House is keen to finish that deal soon. It is crucial that the negotiations with the EU are not confused with or overshadowed by American ambitions in Asia. To make sure that Europe and European companies can continue to compete on the international market, it is crucial to further strengthen the rules based trade system, and economic cooperation between the EU and the US."
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