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Nasrin Sotoudeh in Iran

Letter to President Rouhani
Nasrin Sotoudeh in Iran

On 22 August, Marietje Schaake sent the following letter concerning the detention of Nasrin Sotoudeh to President Rouhani. The letter was signed by 60 MEPs in total.


Honourable President Rouhani,

We write to express our deep concern about the continued detention of Sakharov laureate Nasrin Sotoudeh. She was arrested in June of this year to serve a five-year prison sentence for previously unreleased charges, apparently solely because of her human rights work.  

Last week it was revealed that Nasrin Sotoudeh is facing new charges, reportedly including charges of espionage, which is an extremely worrying development. Her case signifies that the Iranian judiciary continues to criminalise legitimate human rights activism. 

We urge you to call on the judiciary to respect due process and disclose information about the charges that Nasrin Sotoudeh is facing, and we call on you to do all within your power to ensure her unconditional release. 

As a Sakharov Prize recipient, and as an immensely courageous and respected lawyer, who is an inspiration to many in Iran and all over the world, Nasrin Sotoudeh has our ongoing support.   


Marietje Schaake (ALDE)

Lars Adaktusson (EPP)

Petras Austrevicius (ALDE)

Martina Anderson (GUE/NGL)

Beatriz Becerra (ALDE)

Bas Belder (ECR)

Izaskun Bilbao Barandica (ALDE)

Malin Björk (GUE/NGL)

Lynn Boylan (GUE/NGL)

Matt Carthy (GUE/NGL)

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt (EPP)

Mark Demesmaeker (ECR)

Gerard Deprez (ALDE)

Tanja Fajon (S&D)

José Inácio Faria (EPP)

Michael Gahler (EPP)

Iratxe Garcia Perez (S&D)

Sven Giegold (Greens/EFA)

Teresa Gimenez Barbat (ALDE)

Ana Gomes (S&D)

Karoline Graswander-Hainz (S&D)

Takis Hadjigeorgiou (GUE/NGL)

Marian Harkin (ALDE)

Hans-Olaf Henkel (ECR)

John Howarth (S&D)

Eva Joly (Greens/EFA)

Barbara Kappel (ENF)

Tunne Kelam (EPP)

Jeppe Kofod (S&D)

Eduard Kukan (EPP)

Kostadinka Kuneva (GUE/NGL)  

Patricia Lalonde (ALDE)

Patrick Le Hyaric (GUE/NGL)

Barbara Lochbihler (Greens/EFA)

David Martin (S&D)

Anthea McIntyre (ECR)

Matthijs van Miltenburg (ALDE)

Angelika Mlinar (ALDE)

Soraya Post (S&D)

Liadh Ni Riada (GUE/NGL)

Jozo Rados (ALDE)

Michele Rivasi (Greens/EFA)

Judith Sargentini (Greens/EFA)

Helmut Scholz (GUE/NGL)

Jordi Solé (Greens/EFA)

Barbara Spinelli (GUE/NGL)

Joachim Starbatty (ECR)

Helga Stevens (ECR)

Catherine Stihler (S&D)

Pavel Telicka (ALDE)

Nils Torvalds (ALDE)

Helga Trüpel (Greens/EFA)

Ivo Vajgl (ALDE)

Elena Valenciano (S&D)

Hilde Vautmans (ALDE)

Marie-Christine Vergiat (GUE/NGL)

Sophie in 't Veld (ALDE)

Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE)

Julie Ward (S&D)

Lieve Wierinck (ALDE)