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NetCompetition Forum, 12-7-2016

30 Nov -1

On July 12th, Marietje Schaake will take part in a panel during the NetCompetition Forum on EU versus US broadband: a comparison of investments and consumer welfare based on reality.

Some commentators highlught differences between the EU and US telecoms markets and argue that levels of investment and consumer satisfaction are much higher in the US. As the EU institutions get ready to reform its telecoms rules, the time is ripe to look at what the empirical evidence says about how (de)regulation impacts on investments in high-performance netwerks and consumer welfare.

In the panel of Marietje Schaake are representatives from the telecoms industry, independent researchers and civil society representatives from both the EU and the US. They will discuss key policy objectives such as investments in future-proof broadband infrastructures and consumer welfare.

Other panellists are:

Sarah morris, Director, Open Technology Institute
Karim Lesina, Vice-President AT&T
James Allen, Partner, Analysys Mason
Lisa di Feliciantonio, Head of Public Policy, Fastweb
Guillermo Beltra, Head of Legal and Economic Department, BEUC.