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No horse trading with Turkey on human rights

Today, the proposal of Member of European Parliament (D66/ALDE) Marietje Schaake to clearly separate the EU-Turkey deal on migration from Turkey’s accession negotiations was adopted by the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs committee (AFET). The committee voted today on the 2015 progress report on Turkey. Schaake has been very critical about the trading of values and principles, in return for unknown results. Call for a new strategy Schaake: "The proposed deal makes a mockery of both European values and of the rights of refugees. It is a surreal to witness how frozen processes like the opening of accession chapters became instantly fluid now the EU needs Turkey. Unfortunately the deal comes at a time when Turkey’s respect for the rule of law and democracy are backsliding even further. People all over Europe and Turkey are disappointed in the cynical deal making. I am glad the Parliament rejects this questionable gamble and also calls upon the Commission and Council to reassess its strategy in the negotiations with Turkey ahead of the summit later this week." Human rights The Parliament underlines how respect for freedom of expression and respect for media must remain at the top of the agenda, and at the core of the negotiation process. Schaake: "For political reasons the European Commission delayed its critical report on Turkey. Commissioner Frans Timmermans, one of the main architects of the horse-trade approach to Turkey has even remained completely silent when rights were violated. Meanwhile Turkish papers have illegally been taken over, and journalists have been jailed. It is not too late to avoid trading away our values for an uncertain outcome. While we must work with Turkey to ensure refugees are properly sheltered, we must do so on its own merits, and not mix it with accession." EU Member State Ministers will continue to work out the details of the proposed deal with Turkey during the summit on March 17th and 18th. Read more: 07-03 MEP: European Parliament must address rule of law and rights violations in Turkey

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