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Omar al-Bashir in Jordan despite ICC arrest warrant

Written Question to High-Representative Mogherini

Marietje Schaake today submitted the following written questions to High-Representative Federica Mogherini.

High Representative Mogherini is currently in Amman to speak during the two day Summit of the League of Arab States, hosted by Jordan (1). Also amongst governments leaders currently in Amman to attend the summit is Sudan's president Omar al-Bashir

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issues two arrest warrants against President Al-Bashir, in 2009 and 2010, as it has reason to believe that he may be guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity as well as genocide, during the 2009 conflict in Darfur. As a state party to the Rome statute, Jordan is under an international obligation to comply with the arrest warrants issued by the ICC by arresting president Al-Bashir upon arrival in Jordan.

1. Was the VP/HR aware President Al-Bashir would also attend when she accepted the invitation to participate in the Summit of the League of Arab States?

2. Has the VP/HR discussed the presence of President Al-Bashir, as well as Jordan's obligation under the ICC statute, with Jordanian autorities?

3. Has the VP/HR spoken with President Al-Bashir during the summit and if so, did she discuss the continuing deteriorating humanitarian situation as well as ongoing human rights violations in Sudan?