This website is an archive of the work of Marietje Schaake in the European Parliament between 2009 and 2019. Marietje can be reached at

Overview Parliamentary activities Ms Schaake on Bahrain

1. Human rights violations in Bahrain, Resolution of 15 March 2012. 2. Bahrein, Resolution of 27 October 2011 3. Situation in Syria, Yemen en Bahrain in the context of the Arab world and North-Africa, Resolution of 7 July 2011. 4. Situation in Syria, Bahrain and Yemen, Resolution of 7 April 2011. 5. Schaake and several other MEPs urged EU foreign policy chief Ashton in May 2012 already to impose sanctions against Bahrain. Plenary speech by Ms Schaake on 15 March 2012. Plenary speech by Ms Schaake on 27 October 2011.