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Parliamentary Question: Imprisonment of Zahra Bahrami in Iran


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3 September 2010 E-6882/2010 Question for written answer to the Council Rule 117 Marietje Schaake (ALDE) Subject: Imprisonment of Zahra Bahrami in Iran 1. Is the EU High Representative for the CFSP/Vice-president of the Commission aware of the fact that Zahra Bahrami has been imprisoned in Iran for 8 months and stands accused of, among other allegations, drug possession and ‘mohareb’, meaning offending God? 2. Is the High Representative aware that Mrs Bahrami was probably arrested during political protests? 3. Is the High Representative aware of the systematic use of torture in Iranian prisons, the lack of fair trials and the widespread application of the death penalty in Iran? 4. Is the High Representative aware of the fact that neither representatives of the Dutch government nor her lawyer have been able to make contact with Mrs Bahrami? 5. What will the High Representative do, urgently and concretely, to make sure that Mrs Bahrami, an EU citizen, does not have to face the death penalty, has her human rights respected, and receives a fair trial? 6. Does the High Representative agree that the case of Mrs Bahrami, as well as those of thousands of other political prisoners, require human rights to be placed higher on the EU’s agenda in its dealings with Iran? If not, why not? Please find the answer here.