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Parliamentary Question: Measuring the impact of EU sanctions on Iran


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15 November 2010 E-9540/2010 Question for written answer to the Commission Rule 117 Marietje Schaake (ALDE) , Edward McMillan-Scott (ALDE) and Barbara Lochbihler (Verts/ALE) Subject: Measuring the impact of EU sanctions on Iran With regard to EU sanctions on Iran, two striking recent developments have taken place: 1. It has been discovered that cargo that falls under EU sanctions on Iran passed through Schiphol airport undetected(1). 2. Additionally, several energy companies in the EU are taking additional measures vis-à-vis trade with Iran under American pressure(2). 3. In response to the latter, BMI has been declined permission to refuel in Tehran This leads to the following questions: — Does the Commission agree that the EU applied targeted measures with regard to Iran with the aim of persuading the regime to cooperate with the international community regarding nuclear issues, without harming the population of Iran? If not, why not? — Does the Commission agree that only when sanctions are enforced as applied can the impact of the sanctions applied be assessed? If not, why not? — How does the EU monitor the Member States’ enforcement of EU sanctions on Iran? How and when will the findings of this monitoring be communicated to the European Parliament? — What is the Commission's response to US pressure on European companies to take restrictive measures in trade with Iran that go beyond sanctions? — Does the Commission agree that such additional measures make it more difficult to assess the impact of the targeted sanctions as intended by the EU? If not, why not? — Does the Commission agree that if such additional measures end up unnecessarily isolating or damaging the Iranian civilian population, this is undesirable? If not, why not? — If such an impact were to be identified, is the Commission willing to address this issue with the US Administration, with the goal of ensuring that the Iranian civilian population does not get isolated or damaged? If not, why not? (1) (2) Please find the answer here.