Parliamentary Question: Progress Made on Culture in the EU's External Actions


Question for written answer E-10115/2012

to the Vice-President / High Representative Rule 117 Marietje Schaake (ALDE), Doris Pack (EPP), Hannu Takkula (ALDE), Morten Lokkegaard (ALDE), Sean Kelly (EPP), Olga Sehnalova (S&D), Claudiu Ciprian Tanasescu (S&D), Santiago Fisas Ayxela (EPP), Zoltan Bago (EPP), Bernd Posselt (EPP), Malika Benarab-Attou (Verts/ALE), Marco Scurria (EPP), Marie-Therese Sanchez-Schmid (EPP), Elisabeth Morin-Chartier (EPP), Hans-Peter Martin (NI), Marek Migalski (ECR) Subject: Progress made on Culture in the EU's External Actions On March 31st 2011, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the Cultural dimensions of the Union's External Actions1 underlining that culture should be a vital and horizontally integrated element among the broad spectrum of external policies which make up the EU’s foreign and security policies. Can the Commission inform the Parliament and publish the follow-up actions it has undertaken to streamline and mainstream culture in the EU’s external actions? What is the response to the call for a Green Paper on a strategy on culture and cultural cooperation in the EU’s external actions, to be followed by a communication? Can the Commission indicate and elaborate which steps have been taken by the EEAS to coordinate the strategic deployment of cultural aspects in its external policies? Especially whether there are individuals in the EU representations that are the focal point on cultural programs? What steps have been taken to create specific short term stay visa schemes for artists and creators, along the lines of the existing Scientific Visa Programme in force since 2005, to remove obstacles? What actions does the Commission intend to take to provide information (for example in one globally accessible website) on existing EU support programmes in the external relations sphere which have a cultural component as well as on the planning and organisation of cultural events? What have been the developments in establishing a coherent strategy for the protection and promotion of cultural and natural heritage? And how will it use the momentum of establishing Creative Europe to include culture in the EU’s external actions? Has an inter-institutional task force for culture in the context of the EU’s external relations been established, in order to develop and widen coordination, streamlining, strategies and the sharing of best practices? [1]2010/2161(INI) Please find the answer of the Commission here.