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Plenary debate on Europe's common foreign policy

On April 3rd the European Parliament debated the European Common Foreign and Security Policy in what presumeably was High Representative Catherine Ashton's last plenary debate in the current parliamentary term. According to Marietje Schaake the realisation of a common European foreign policy is taking far too long: ‘There are new players on the world stage and they are gaining strength, in economic, political and military terms. The only way to retain our quality of life is by joining forces and strengthening our position. To do that, we need strong leadership.’ Below you will find a video of Schaake's speech and links to her previous work on this issue. Marietje Schaake (ALDE) - Mr President, this is the last time this Parliament will have a debate with the High Representative and I cannot help thinking that she must feel a slight relief. I hope her successor will consider this Parliament an ally and work with us closely to make sure we develop stronger European leadership in a world with an increasing amount of major challenges. In our own neighbourhood – from Ukraine to Turkey, from Egypt to Syria – cynical power politics are back and the EU has barely begun to shape up and act as a global player. For too long the euro crisis has overshadowed the other crisis – that of Europe’s position in the world – but it is, more than ever, clear that from trade to defence, from human rights to development, we must act strongly together or we stand divided on the sidelines. We must rethink and rebalance interests and values and choose the side – and the rights, freedoms and opportunities – of a global young generation. European leadership begins in our neighbourhood. I hope this leadership will become stronger, more tangible and comprehensive. We have no time to lose.
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