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Plenary debate on the 2014 Progress Report on Turkey

Marietje Schaake (ALDE) Madam President, the annual progress report has sadly become a regress report. The concerns we have on the rule of law, separation of powers, human rights and fundamental freedoms are now even more substantial than in previous years as a result of the passing of security laws, restrictions on press and internet freedom, and an acknowledgment that evidence in a mass trial was actually doctored. That leads to key questions about fair trial and due process. I have always fought for the accession process as I believed it would lead to a win-win situation for the people in the EU and Turkey alike, and I am sad to share how sombre I am about where things stand. Now, are we only highlighting concerns? No. We also clearly stressed the importance of updating the customs union and of a common coordinated approach to foreign policy and humanitarian matters, but it must be crystal clear that an effective and credible EU‑Turkey partnership can only be based on solidly shared values and a common understanding of democratic principles, such as are laid down in the Copenhagen criteria.
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