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Plenary speech on Creative Europe programme

Marietje Schaake, on behalf of the ALDE Group – Mr President, the cultural and creative sectors hardly ever feature prominently on our political agendas. However, they are good for six to seven million jobs in Europe and also have an impact on attracting tourists and businesses and fostering innovation – and, more importantly, arts and culture, expression and creativity are essential ingredients for open societies. The intrinsic value of culture cannot always be measured by a price tag. We try, through Creative Europe, to make a modest contribution by making the EU budget for creative and media programmes more efficient and streamlined, but compared to the amount of the Multiannual Financial Framework – on which we will vote this week – that goes to agricultural subsidies, we fall far short of the future-proof investments that Europe needs. Having said that, it is important to act even when budgets are under pressure. For the Liberal Group, the key goal was to be more efficient by simplifying the programmes but Parliament had a problem holding that focus, with so many amendments and long wish lists seeking to change the programme. One good new feature is the access to private funding, which could not only help the cultural and creative industries but also increase knowledge within financial institutions about the cultural and creative sectors. A priority we consider to have been missed out is that of reaping the full benefits of digitisation. While including gaming is good, our group would have liked to see better and speedier copyright reform and provision for ensuring that we use new technologies more efficiently so as to cut red tape and make it easier for audiences around the world to access the cultural and creative content of which we are so proud.