Plenary speech on cyber security and digital arms trade

Mr President, cybersecurity certainly has a different connotation after the NSA revelations, and the EU must take the lead in ensuring that our freedoms are not eroded in the name of security. It should not be zero-sum. The NSA and Internet companies’ practice of deliberately degrading encryption is a case in point, and we know technologies cannot be contained in a globally connected world. Syria and the United States do not have much in common these days except for their use of surveillance, hacking, tracking, tracing and monitoring technologies. And far too many of those systems are made in Europe. We cannot talk about cybersecurity in Europe while being digital arms traders. We must end the export and proliferation of digital arms now. We have to close the regulatory vacuum, and that includes curbing the trade in zero-day exploits. We must do so to advance human rights and our own security at home and in the rest of the world.