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Plenary speech on the implementation of the Common Security and Defence Policy

Marietje Schaake (ALDE) - Madam President, intensified cooperation in terms of defence is indispensable if Europe wants to play its role on the global stage. But while we are catching up from a fragmented policy, to reach a more integrated policy in Europe, the character of defence and security itself is changing. Especially in new fields involving new technologies and lacking matching policies we ought to get it right from the start. Many key questions remain unanswered. Will the EU develop offensive capacity in the context of cyber defence to avert threats to critical infrastructure and, if we do, how can we avoid a cyber-arms race? Meanwhile, technologies that undermine our strategic position and the human rights of people in third countries alike go on being exported unchecked. We cannot credibly talk about cyber security if we do not stop the trade in digital arms. We hear of EU Member States joining forces to develop a drone. In what kind of operations is its use foreseen and how do these initiatives relate to European ambitions? Who would have to authorise the use of offensive capacities on behalf of the EU? In order to make the CFSP future-proof the difficult questions concerning democratic oversight, command and control must be clarified.