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Plenary speech on the situation in Egypt

Marietje Schaake addresses the plenary sitting of the European Parliament on the situation in Egypt on the eve of the ousting of President Morsi on July 3rd 2013. Marietje Schaake, on behalf of the ALDE Group – Mr President, as we stand here, the Egyptian people are flooding the streets in the largest political demonstrations ever seen. The situation is very tense. The government should not pit people against each other. Violent clashes, and especially a civil war, must be prevented. Though President Morsi – or any government following in the corrupt footsteps of the Mubarak dictatorship – would have had major challenges to reform the economy and to guide the country towards democracy, power grabs and restricting the rights of minorities, limiting and criminalising civil society and failing to avoid a bread and fuel crisis have culminated in an untenable situation. Morsi has lost the legitimacy he once had in the eyes of many Egyptians. It is encouraging to see so many Egyptians reject the dictatorship of the majority, seeking the rule of law and the protection of the rights, liberties and opportunities of all Egyptians. Democracy is more than one man, one vote. The EU, too, must get its act together. So far ‘more for more’ rings hollow, as a hollow promise. We must not repeat the mistakes of the past. We must reach out to the population of Egypt more forcefully and more strongly to help, in the immediate term, to prevent violence and to help facilitate an inclusive dialogue towards transition and free and fair elections, towards a rules-based society and a new constitution and towards economic recovery and necessary reforms, while respecting the rights and freedoms of all Egyptians. We must do what we can to offer a democratic perspective to a massive young generation of Egyptians who need such perspectives and look to Europe. We cannot fail them.