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Plenary speech on the situation in Hong Kong

On 22 October, Marietje Schaake spoke in the plenary debate about the situation in Hong Kong. (Full text below.) Mr President, the people in Hong Kong have had every reason to demand a more democratic system for decades, after living in an unfree society for far too long. Wealth is not everything and not everyone is benefiting from economic growth. After China’s promise for more democracy and electoral reforms was broken, a mass of people formed, one by one, bottom-up, peacefully reminding the government and the world of their rights. Although we are far away, we should embrace those individuals who demand universal rights and freedoms. Trade relations, however important, should not be an excuse for us to be silent. Globally, people brave enough to challenge repression should be able to count on us in Europe in open societies. From Ashton’s side it has been too quiet. From the Council’s side it has been too quiet. From Juncker, who seems to have forgotten the rest of the world exists at all, going by his talk this morning, we expect more and we will look with great ambition to High Representative Mogherini to deliver on those promises and ambitions. It is clear that this House is now the one that will have to push for external action based on values, otherwise the EU will be irrelevant and the people in Hong Kong will find no one by their side.