Plenary speech on the situation in Kobane and the threat of IS

On 22 October, Marietje Schaake spoke in the plenary debate about the situation in Kobane and the threat of IS. (Please refer to the text below.) Mr President, today we were listening to the plans of Commission President Juncker, and you would not have known that the world was on fire from hearing that. There was hardly a word on the urgent need for us to have an effective and common foreign and security policy. Now we are literally watching yet another disaster unfolding in Kobane, and we should be urged to be more than bystanders. The time it takes before decisive action is taken to protect the people in Kobane resembles the world’s paralysation in the face of the war in Syria. Remember the arguments used not to take effective action: if we removed Assad, then the Jihadists would take over? Today we still have both, along with 200 000 dead, millions on the run, and girls and women – particularly vulnerable – in an unacceptable manner being enslaved, raped and married off. The EU must work with Turkey and avoid strengthening jihadists, who are also funded by actors in the Persian Gulf that we still consider allies. We must end this crisis, which is caused by misguided jihadists also from within the EU.