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Plenary Speech on the situation in North Korea

Marietje Marietje Schaake - Mr President, where to begin in addressing the systematic human rights abuses in North Korea? We cannot condemn with enough conviction the extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape and sexual assault and forced sex work for women, forced abortions, censorship, and effectively the total isolation and systematic repression of the people in North Korea. With all this horror in mind, the prison camps are of specific concern. We support the European External Action Service in following up the Commission of Inquiry’s recommendations, specifically in the ICC referral and in seeking punitive sanctions in the UN Security Council. But we should also address Russia and China through human rights dialogues and see what they can do with their influence to improve the situation of the North Koreans, and of course we ask the government and the authorities to begin to respect the basic rights of their own citizens.