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Plenary speech on the situation of migrant workers in Qatar

Marietje Schaake − Mr President, the circumstances of migrant workers in Qatar, and human rights in general, have long been of concern to us, but they are now in the spotlight because of the World Cup planned for 2022 and, by then, approximately 4 000 migrant workers will have died if the present rate does not change. Abuse, dependence and modern-day slavery are not of our time. There should be no place for them in any advanced economy and Qatar should show equal ambition to address human rights problems as it seeks to improve its standing on the global stage. We also expect a clear stance from football organisations such as FIFA and EU companies which must adhere to the OECD principles and the UN’s ‘Ruggie’ principles. There ought to be no room for modern day slavery, especially in countries with which many EU Member States in the EU have partnerships or strategic considerations in other fields.