Plenary speech on the situation of Rohingya Muslims

Marietje Schaake, author − Mr President, the violence, torture, rape, uprooting and destruction of property of Rohingya Muslims in Burma must end. Human Rights Watch speaks of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. Those are the most serious allegations we know. There are now no fewer than 130 000 displaced people who are not receiving adequate aid. In the meantime, press and media – both online and offline – are not free in Burma. We want to embrace the democratic reforms, but the government cannot leave out a minority, the Rohingya. The government must protect people and be held accountable for committing violence if such acts are committed by the security forces, for example. We call on all governments to make provision for UN access and monitoring. The EU must raise human rights at the highest level and ensure compliance with human rights clauses in trade and investment treaties as well. Sakharov Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi has remained silent – too silent – so far on the situation of the Rohingya Muslims. We urge her to be more vocal as a human rights leader.