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Plenary speech - Situation in Thailand

Marietje Schaake - Mr President, several non-democratic measures have been taken by the Thai Government and have led to massive protests in a generally peaceful country. The government is putting aside its Senate, as well as the Constitutional Court’s rulings on the Amnesty Bill and on the date of the elections. On top of that, a non-elected people’s representation has been proposed. Such actions have led to outcry and protest, and responses have led to death and injury. The Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency. These very troubling steps have paralysed the country and the elections, as voting did not happen in all areas of the country and the law forbids the opening of the legislature when it is not 95% filled. Without a parliament, no new government can be formed. This deadlock must end, by investigations into the violence and the prosecution of those responsible. All parties must show restraint and respect for the rule of law and abide by democratic principles. This includes a government that ensures free assembly and free expression. It should start by lifting emergency laws. We welcome the fact that the military has remained neutral and we call on it to continue to do so. We also welcome initiatives of dialogue and reconciliation by all those who have contributed, and stand ready to play any role that may help to overcome the current difficulties and help Thailand onto a democratic track.